Dillmeier Glass is a Bohle certified UV bonding company with climate-controlled clean rooms.

UV bonding glass is a specialized process that needs to be completed in a “clean room” environment by specialists who have been specifically trained in glass bonding. Dillmeier Glass employees have worked closely with Bohle America, the world leader from Germany in glass bonding materials, to become certified UV bonders. Our employees have attended special seminars by Bohle to become proficient at UV bonding glass to glass and glass to metal.

For years, Dillmeier Glass has been a leader in providing UV-bonded cases for retail environments, airports, office applications, and more. We deliver assembled glass cases that are custom-sized to meet specifications. Dillmeier Glass UV-bonded cases are assembled with bonded edges that are either butt-jointed with a flat polish or back mitered together.

Work with us to select the perfect hardware for your UV-bonded case work and the best edge option to showcase your project.

Worker assisting in UV Bonding process

Did you know?

Eureka Glass Works original branded paperThe official date of establishment for Dillmeier Glass is 1933. However, we recently found out that founder William M. Dillmeier developed the company five years beforehand under a different name: Eureka Glass Works. It was located in Brooklyn, NY on Marcy Avenue and Hope Street.

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